, Women’s Health, North Platte Valley Medical Center

Women’s health

Women’s health services are available at the North Platte Valley Medical Center in Saratoga.

From annual wellness appointments, to ultrasounds, to bone density testing – our compassionate team of healthcare providers is here for women of all ages and stages of life. State of the art 3D digital mammography is available at NPVMC as part of our robust advanced imaging department, making breast cancer screening more convenient than ever.

Women’s Health Providers

, Women’s Health, North Platte Valley Medical Center

Jolena Martin

Jolena Martin, PA-C is the primary women’s healthcare provider at the Platte Valley Clinic. A physician assistant with 18 years of experience, Jolena has a passion for women’s health and believes patient care is an all-encompassing style of practice to address any and all women’s health concerns. For an annual wellness appointment or to discuss other gynecologic concerns you may have, make an appointment to see Jolena Martin – call the Platte Valley Clinic at (307) 326-3169. Read Jolena’s full bio



, Women’s Health, North Platte Valley Medical Center

Visiting OB/GYNs

Women’s health specialists from Ivinson Memorial Hospital regularly provide OB/GYN care including prenatal and post-delivery visits at the North Platte Valley Medical Center. View the Visiting Specialists Calendar for the schedule of upcoming visits to Saratoga or call (307) 755-4540 for an appointment.

Women’s Health Services Available at NPVMC in Saratoga:

  • Annual wellness exams (including screening recommendations for cancers, healthy lifestyle risk assessment, breast exams, pap testing and more)
  • Evaluation and discussion of treatment options for acute or chronic gynecologic concerns
  • Prenatal care provided by regularly visiting Ivinson Memorial Hospital OB/GYNs
  • 3D digital mammography
  • DEXA scan (bone density testing)
  • Prenatal ultrasounds (available June 2023)
  • Gynecological ultrasounds (available June 2023)
  • Thyroid testing (ultrasound and laboratory testing)
  • Thyroid disease care
  • Pregnancy planning and preparation
  • Initial infertility workups
  • Menopausal testing and treatment options
  • Adolescent gynecology
  • Lactation support
  • Sexual health services
  • Women’s mental health support
  • Smoking cessation
  • Care for skin concerns/abnormalities

To make an appointment to see Jolena Martin, PA-C, specializing in women’s health at the Platte Valley Clinic call 307-326-3169.

To make an appointment to see a visiting Ivinson OB/GYN at NPVMC, call (307) 755-4540.