Celebrate Wyoming’s 134th birthday on July 10th with a donation to the Corbett Medical Foundation.

The Corbett Medical Foundation is the fundraising arm of the North Platte Valley Medical Center and supports several donor-designated funds.

Your donation will go further and make a bigger difference in our community, if you make a donation on July 10th through WyoGives.org.

Donations made to the foundation on the WyoGives website will be boosted by the Hughes Charitable Foundation Incentive Pool.


“We have a significant opportunity to raise some funds with the incentive match. We really appreciate all the past support we have received from our donors.”

– Laura Bucholz
Vice President of Corbett Medical Foundation
& Secretary of Platte Valley Healthcare Project


How your donation helps:

  • Mammogram Fund (mammograms for uninsured patients)
  • Komen Cancer Fund (secondary diagnostics such as biopsy and ultrasound for breast cancer patients)
  • Chip in for Cancer Fund (helping patients with expenses when traveling for cancer treatment)
  • Diana Raymer Benevolent Fund (helping patients who cannot otherwise afford it pay for doctor visits and prescriptions)
  • Recruitment and Retention Fund (helps keep our providers at competitive levels to keep them in our Valley)
  • General Fund (purchase of unbudgeted equipment, software, etc.)
  • Build a Strong Foundation Fund (dedicated to the North Platte Valley Medical Center)

Learn more at WyoGives.org

Ensure that your donation goes further and make a bigger difference in our community – Mark your calendar and donate on July 10th!

Donate through the WyoGives website on July 10th to have your donation boosted.

, Donate on July 10th and have your donation boosted, North Platte Valley Medical Center