, Imaging, North Platte Valley Medical Center


X-ray, ultrasound, 3D mammography, CT, and other imaging and radiology services are available.

Spend just a few minutes in the halls of the NPVMC Imaging Department, and you’ll quickly learn that our specially trained staff is extraordinarily passionate about two things – diagnostic imaging and patient care. Our team will make sure your trip to the Imaging Department is as fast and safe as possible while producing accurate images to help your provider with comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.

Additionally, with state of the art equipment on-site, women’s healthcare is more easily accessible to the valley. North Platte Valley Medical Center has a 3D digital mammography machine, the Senographe Pristina – it’s the first machine regulated by the FDA that gives a lower dose X-ray, while still maintaining stellar diagnostic image quality.

Mammography Program Accredited by the American College of Radiology – the gold standard in medical imaging.


, Imaging, North Platte Valley Medical Center

NPVMC Imaging Department Features

3D digital mammography (ACR Accredited)
DEXA scan (bone density testing)
Mobile MRI capability